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Location   : Kannur
Client       : Mr. Anil Kurian
Category  : Residential
Status       : Completed (2018)

A humbly beautiful residence located in Mele Chovva, Kannur. The main feature noticed from the exterior is the bamboo louvers at level one fixed in a frame. The interior brings a subtle ambiance with the transition from one space to another. There is a play of natural light brought in with different kinds of openings at various places in various forms which portrays beautiful sociographic features.

The dining space has the wash area in a separate space which has a semi-open roof. There is also a small pool beside the basin. That side of the wall is masoned with exposed laterite. The staircase design is coated with wood finish provided with storage unit beneath the structure. The stair zone and living space is designed over a wooden deck space. There is a passage (for a persons movement) between the 1st floor wall and the framed bamboo louvres.

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